4 Ways to maintain your gas boiler to increase efficiency

07 June 2019

4 Ways to maintain your gas boiler to increase efficiency

Gas safety appliances are a valuable property you own and it is important to maintain them in good condition to avoid any breakdown or major damages that would require double the expense to fix or replace. Here are some ways we can look after gas boilers and use them in the safest way possible:

1. Get Full Coverage for Periodic Servicing and Maintenance

Getting a full coverage for your boiler would be a good idea if you can afford it, so that you are assured that your boiler is in good condition especially during the cold weathers during which gas boilers are at peak usage. However, it is important to get a coverage from a reputed company which is gas safety certified and handled by experienced gas safety engineers. You can expect to have instant repairs and having your boilers up and running in perfect condition when servicing is done. This is also hassle free and result assured.

2. Choose Boilers with In-Built Frost Protection

Now that is like solving half the problem during winter months! Latest gas boilers are built with an optimal internal temperature maintaining technology which prevents the pipes from getting frosted during cold seasons and hence preventing frequent repairs. Therefore, it is best to purchase something that is effective and practical in the long run than going for a traditional style one with no such technology.

3. Deal with Small Repairs like fixing Low-flow Rates

Low flow rates occur due to a heater not working properly or only heating mildly and this is very common during winter months. One way to analyze the problem is to run the hot water in a tap at a trickle and see if water comes out hot or warm. The reason for this repair might be a fault in the heat exchanger. It is always best to get a certified engineer to look into these damages since it is safer that way.

4. Control Summer Usage and Regular Check

During summer there won't be an obvious requirement for using hot water or any heating system. Keeping your gas appliances switched off throughout summer would help you in lowering your gas bills. However, you would require to switch them on for a few hours each week to make sure they are in working condition. Keeping them completely shut for months may result in internal parts getting worn off.