5 Ways to prevent gas safety hazards

27 May 2019

5 Ways to prevent gas safety hazards

Nowadays, almost all properties are equipped with gas appliances and they are a conveniently affordable luxury. As much as they are commonly used, the knowledge regarding their hazards and safety are not widespread. Gas appliances can lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning and gas leaks that may lead to catching a fire or even explosion. When using gas appliances one should be well informed on how to use it as per the manual instructions which is most often ignored. It is also the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that their properties are gas safety UK certified by a reliable certifying body such as Home Solutions London. Let us look in to some of the ways to prevent possible Gas Safety Hazards.

Maintain a Gas Safe environment

It is important to educate occupants on gas safety hazards and maintaining a gas safe environment. Not everyone is well informed on the possibilities of life threatening dangers that could be caused due to carelessly handled gas appliances. A proper informative session needs to be carried out by landlords with the tenants to make sure they are aware of preventive measures of such hazards. Installation of an audible carbon monoxide alarm would be one way to watch out for possible faults in the kitchen (location of gas equipment). These alarms also need to be certified to U.S or European standards to ensure proper functioning.

Do not Ignore Gas Safety Hazards

Some people ignore gas safety hazards considering them to be not a serious thing to attend to. This makes situations worse and would be the cause of life threatening dangers. Important things to look into would be abnormally yellow or sooty flames, the pilot light switching off suddenly with a pop or a bang and discoloration of heater panels. Not using a gas appliance until it is fixed/serviced is one way to prevent further damage. Lighting a match box, using combustible solvents, aerosols or pressure pack cans (roach spray or room freshners) close to a gas leak would also be extremely dangerous.

Adequate ventilation

Thoughtful positioning of gas appliances in a properly ventilated area devoid of flammable materials within close proximity to the appliances is vital. Everyone within the household who is entitled to use the gas appliance is required to be aware of the possible dangers of using flammable objects close to gas appliances or a burning gas burner. Regular cleaning of the burner ducts and cool air return vents, by vacuuming the debris (when appliance is cool) would help avoid accumulation of dirt.

Invest in a Gas Safety Certificate UK

It is the right of a tenant to make sure the property is Gas Safety Certified prior to occupancy. Landlords need to get their gas equipment regularly serviced and annually gas safety UK certified. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and a gas Safety Certificate UK would be the only way to ensure the property is in suitable condition to rent out