The Perfect Gas Boilers

10 March 2018

The Perfect Gas Boilers

Gas appliances are cost saving and energy saving. There are an ample variety of gas products available in the market ranging from cooking appliances to gas heaters.

Gas boilers are a real boom and practicality in a majority of today’s households for the mere reason that these boilers are able to maintain a comfortable temperature. Yet again if gas boilers are not being properly serviced they can also prove to be highly fatal. Figures show that at least 50 % deaths are caused due to carbon monoxide poisoning which occurs due to a faulty device. In order to avoid fatalities it is necessary to understand both the preventive methods alongside the maintenance guidelines. This will ensure that the boiler heating device is running at maximum efficiency. Underneath are some vital tips:

Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous. It cannot be seen or smelt hence it is named “the silent killer”. The best way to protect your home is by mealy understanding its causes and recognizing its symptoms.



It is easy to identify symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as it is common to those caused by other illnesses like cold or flu

Staying Safe:

Safety measures are necessary and have to be strictly followed in order to avoid any type of accidental and prevent death.

Examples of Accidents and Incidents :

Carbon monoxide fatality

A six-year-old girl died after being poisoned by fumes from a faulty boiler. The landlord was fined £55,000 and costs after forgetting to carry out a gas safety check.

Unsafe gas work caused fatalities

Elderly couple killed by unsafe work undertaken by a builder in their home, resulting in CO poisoning. The builder worked on the garage which consequently blocked the gas flue.

Boiler poisons family

A mother, her partner and young daughter suffered carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty gas boiler. Their landlord received a suspended jail sentence.

Carbon monoxide fatality

A teenage girl died and a man in his twenties was left partially deaf with poor eyesight after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning. Fumes from a faulty gas heater to blame.

Blocked flue causes CO fatality

An elderly couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning at their home after building work left the flue of their boiler enclosed and in a dangerous and unsafe condition.

Stay Safe

Gas appliances should be checked every year to ensure they are working properly and to help keep you and your family safe.

By just following these simple rules and bearing in mind these points you can not only get the perfect gas boiler but you can make sure that the boiler is properly working and prevent it from getting damaged.