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Gas Safety Certificate

We are the best Gas Safety Certificate Provider In London

Gas Safety Certificates

We offer Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) to Landlords, Home Owners, and Estate Agents within London, and nearby areas. For proof of identity purposes we issue print ID and registration details of all our Gas Safe Registered Engineers. We are Confidence Mark Accepted. Employed to Government Endorsed Standards for Gas Engineers.

As part of Gas Safety Certificate the gas appliance is not working properly, the appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one, black marks/stains are evident around the gas appliance, the pilot light keeps going out, there is increased condensation in the room

Annual Gas safety check CP12 includes:

Need Gas Safety Certificate? Everybody should have their gas appliances regularly checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The engineer may deliver a certificate after carrying out the checks. This document is called a Gas Safety Record.

Quick Gas Safety Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is mandatory in your home whether you are buying, renting or selling your property or merely installing a Solar PV System. An EPC check guides you on making your home energy efficient thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With the help of an EPC check you will get to know exactly what the efficiency rating is and what the CO2 emissions of the building are. With the help of an EPC Check advice is provided as to how you can reduce cost savings to your home through future energy efficiency methods. An EPC has a ten year validity. A requirement for Solar PV Installations since 1st April 2012.

As part of our service:

  • Our Domestic Energy Assessors are qualified to inspect any property to assess it for efficiency, to issue certificates and to advise on any improvements — such as fitting loft insulation, double glazing or boiler replacement. As you can see from an Energy Efficiency Rating chart, grades are awarded ranging from ‘A’ at the top for very-energy-efficient, down to ‘G’ for the least energy-efficient home, with the average grade being a 'D'.
  • Once we’ve carried out the survey and issued the energy performance certificate, it will be lodged in a central database along with a unique identifying number. Access to each EPC held on the database is restricted to the property owner / seller and potential buyers via this unique reference number.

All You need to know about Gas Safety Certificate

Owning a property and running a successful rental property business can demand a lot of hard work and energy, especially if you own multiple properties. As much as it is a business with scope and profit, there are certain responsibilities that involve expenses to maintain a well functional property that remains comfortable and safe for the tenants. It is solely the responsibility of the landlord to maintain the gas appliances in their property and keep them on check and make sure they are safe to use. Hence, it is the landlords responsibility to invest on getting a gas safety certificate.

Why do Landlords need a Gas Safety Certificate?

  Gas Safety certification (CP12) is important to ensure the safety of your tenants and that is the only way to show that your gas appliances such as gas boilers, gas hobs and gas fires are intact. This checkup has to happen regularly on an annual basis since the certificate is valid only for 12 months. It should also be carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers who are certified professionals. We at Home Solutions London have registered engineers who would help you get your appliances inspected and lead you through until getting the certification.

Read further to understand cost, procedure and other questions answered on Landlord safety certification.

Gas Safety Inspection and Certifying Procedure

As a landlord when you get this service you need to be aware of the various different steps an engineer would carry out before issuing you a certificate.

1. The team would initially do a visual inspection on the installation and locations of all the gas appliances, fireplaces and chimneys. They would check for any signs of unfinished combustion.

Then they would check for the following aspects:

2. The casings, ignition chambers and closures of gas boilers.

3. The precise labelling and condition of the gas meter and valves meant for emergency control.

4. If the ventilation passages are not blocked and are in fully working order

5. The safety devices are operating efficiently

6. The appliance is burning at the correct operating pressure

7. Harmful gases are transferring cleanly outside of the home

The entire process would take up to 45 minutes to an hour. However if any immediate gas boiler repairs were noted to be carried out, it might take a little longer. It sure is advisable for the landlord or the tenants to be present during the inspection for you are also aware of how the procedure is carried out and how important it is for you to perhaps be informed on things such as these that you don't quite often think a lot about. Your presence may also help the team locate the gas boilers, and terminals making things happen faster.

Get a gas Safety Certificate

Cost of getting Gas Safety Certificate

The cost is perhaps one of the primary questions that arise for a landlord when getting a gas safety certificate. The market has many companies offering this service but there sure are aspects you would need to make sure before choosing your ideal service.

What happens if you have multiple gas appliances?

It is important to be informed that in case you need multiple boilers to be certified, there could be additional charges incurred. You would be looking at paying approximately 30% extra for every additional appliance within the same property. We have discussed the importance, cost involved and procedure of getting a Gas safety certificate in this article. Apart from these, if there may be anything at all that you would need to know you can contact us any time. Our services are not just limited to Gas Safety certifying; it is many more under the umbrella of home solutions.