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Boiler Service London

We are the leading Boiler Service Team In London

We are the leading Boiler Service providers in London

Annual boiler servicing is mandatory and that is the only way to keep your boilers checked to ensure uninterrupted functioning. Moreover, boilers and heating appliances that are faulty tend to emit poisonous gases causing fatal effects harmful for the residents. This would mean that you are buying unwanted trouble by not maintaining your boilers, which is why it is more important to get boiler servicing in London done at regular intervals, so that you can prevent such problems.

At Home solution London, we are available 24 by 7, 365 days at your service and would be at your door steps whenever you need us. If you have not had your appliances serviced in long, fret not, just call us now and one of our licensed and experienced engineers would drop by with all necessary equipments and get things fixed or serviced seamlessly without hindering your daily functioning.

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Had your boiler serviced this year? Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely fatal as it is caused by faulty and badly maintained appliances. Its essential to get boiler and gas appliances regularly inspected and serviced ensuring they work as safely and effectively as possible.

Our company is equipped even for an emergency. If you are experiencing problems with your boiler service or central heating a fixed quote is confirmed by our engineers before commencement of any work. Its not necessary that you have to be registered with us.

Boiler Service London - Why is it important?

A regular boiler servicing is more important than you think! Here is why it is so:

We have engineers experienced in working with all makes and models of boilers. Like advised by all leading boiler manufacturers, an annual boiler service would mean nothing but a trouble free, safe and an active warranty for the appliance.

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What will the engineer do during the boiler service london

Boiler Service London - Procedure

When you make an appointment to have your boiler service in London, we would send in an accredited engineer who would inspect the appliance and give you an approximate quotation. Once you agree they would start work. It is a good idea for you to be informed on the procedure so that you know what is happening and it would also help you look out for these aspects during a probable sudden breakdown. The procedure is explained below:

Boiler Service London - Price Quotation

At Home Solutions London, a price quotation for a boiler repair service would include the following:

  • 1. Includes the cost of labour and parts used during the servicing
  • 2. Includes the cost of a boiler diagnostic and safety check
  • 3. 12 month guarantee on workmanship
  • 4. Payment quoted would not be altered based on number of hours taken to finish the job
  • 5. Cost is for expertise of gas safety registered engineers of Home Solutions London

Need A Boiler Service In London?

Boiler Service London - Conventional Boilers Vs Combination Boilers

Conventional boilers are typically made of two tanks one within the loft, filling in cold water and the other holding heated water which is then supplied to different taps within the house. Conventional boilers are usually referred to as heat only boilers and provide hot water only and not contribute to the central heating system. Combination boilers on the other hand, do not have tanks that fill in cold water and then heat it, but it directly heats up the water as you open the hot water tap. As a single unit, they are used for water heating as well as space heating.

Usually a combination boiler is preferred over a conventional boiler for the following reasons:

  • It holds up less space than a conventional boiler with large tanks
  • Water consumption is minimised since water is heated only when needed
  • Both hot and cold water would flow at the same speed
  • Water is heated up through the mains

On the other hand, conventional boilers are perhaps the best option for some home settings depending on the setup of the house. Here are some benefits of getting a conventional boiler:

  • Flow rates are faster than combi boilers and even if multiple taps are in use within the same time the speed is not compromised
  • Uses a backup electrical hot water heating system through immersions
  • They are solar power compatible

Get A Boiler Service London Estimate

We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your boiler repair. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is free!